The City Of Hackensack

CSO & Storm Water Info

Hackensack Sewer Map Draft

NJ CSO Fact Sheet

NJDEP CSO Information:

CSO Notification System link:

Stormwater Outfall Locations Key Map (2006-06)

Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (2005-05-01)

Chapter 93 Garbage, Rubbish, and Refuse- Article IV Yard Waste Collection and Disposal

Chapter 52 Animals-Article VII Proper Disposal of Pet Solid Waste

Chapter 52 Animals- Article VIII Feeding of Wildlife

Chapter 141 Sewers – Article X Private Storm Drain Retrofitting

Chapter 141 Sewers – Article VIII Stormwater Management

Chapter 141 Sewers – Article VII Illicit Connections to Storm Sewer

Chapter 141 Sewers – Article I Industrial Wastes

Chapter 109 Littering

Brochure – Stormwater

Brochure – Pet Waste

Brochure – NJDEP Solutions to Stormwater Pollution

Brochure – Motor Oil

Brochure – Fertilizer

Brochure – Car Wash

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