Access to All

The purpose of the Board shall be to advise the Mayor and Council of the City of Hackensack with regard to the needs of residents and other individuals within the City who have disabilities and to advise the Mayor and Council with regard to compliance with laws and regulations concerning individuals with disabilities. Without limiting the powers and purposes of the Board, the Board shall:

Undertake such efforts as are necessary to improve community awareness as to the needs of residents with disabilities.

  • Propose measures that will promote a physically accessible environment within the City.
  • Communicate the City’s willingness to attract persons with disabilities and promote public outreach programs designed to foster such communication.
  • Develop ways to integrate residents with disabilities into all aspects of community life within the City.
  • Encourage cooperation and coordination with other organizations within the City in an effort to achieve the goals and objectives of the Board.
Active Board Members

David Dungey (Chairperson)

Mohamad Habehh

Hanneh Kalyoussef

Jaime Rodriguez

Donna Siggia

Stephanie Von Rudenborg

(Council Liaison)