City Manager

Under Hackensack’s form of government, the City Manager is the Chief Executive and Administrative Officer. The Mayor and Council establish policies for operations within the City, and it is the Manager’s responsibility to execute all laws and ordinances established by the governing body.​

At the beginning of each calendar year, he complies and submits to the City Council a tentative annual budget. With the introduction of the tentative annual budget, the Manager makes an annual report for the benefit of the City Council and the public.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the City, he not only has the power to appoint and remove all department heads and their subordinates, but also is responsible for the negotiation of labor contracts for the City with its unions.

His responsibilities also include the preparation of recommendations concerning the nature and location of municipal improvements and executing those improvements as determined by the City Council.

He must attend all meetings of the City Council and perform all other duties required of him by ordinance or resolution of the City Council. ​​