Cannabis Business Operation

Summary of Current City Cannabis Operation

Retail License OperatorHackensack has adopted an Ordinance allowing for one Class 5 retail operator within the Cannabis Retail Overlay Zone.  At this time this license is expected to be formally awarded to an entity with a retail space expected to be opened soon at 395-417 Route 17 South in Hackensack.

Cultivation License OperationHackensack has adopted an Ordinance allowing for two Class One cultivation operators within the Cannabis Cultivation Overlay Zone.  At least one license remains available at this time.   Hackensack’s ordinance does not provide for any other class of cannabis operation but may do so in the future. That information will be posted here.

Municipal Ordinance and Zoning InformationCity Cannabis Business OrdinanceCannabis Overlay Zone

Note: This Google Map may also be helpful. You may also refer to This List of City Block and Lots.  

Note: The city may expand these areas from time to time. That information will be posted here.


NJ Cannabis Commission

ApplicationIf you are seeking to apply as a Hackensack Cannabis Operator, please read This Letter for more background information and instructions on how to apply.

Applications and additional inquiries may be emailed to Please be sure to read all material on this page before sending an email.