12/21/2015 - Monthly Parking Spaces Now Available in the Atlantic Street Parking Garage

Monthly Parking Spaces Now Available in the Atlantic Street Parking Garage

The City of Hackensack is offering monthly spaces in the Atlantic Street garage for $85 per month.

Parking spaces are available on a first come first serve basis for both structures and surface lots. Parking spaces are not assigned to a specific tag number or user unless reserved through the Parking Utility.
Reserved Parking: Reserved parking is available at an additional cost of 50% premium over the monthly parking fee. Reserved parking is available from between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm or from 6:01 pm to 7:59 am.

Late Fees: Late fees shall be assessed as follows:
Between 5 and 10 days: Late fee surcharge of 10%
Between 11 and 30 days: Late fee surcharge of 20%
Over 30 days: Parking is revoked and vehicle is summonsed and/or towed

Monthly Parking Permits: The Police Department shall issue permits, stickers or decals to monthly parkers. Monthly parkers shall park in the designated off street parking lot or garage associated with the parking permit, sticker or decal. Monthly parkers shall notify the Police Department when they wish to discontinue parking in municipal off-street parking lots. Signs shall be posted indicating monthly parking spaces.

Replacement Decals: A fee of $5 shall be charged to monthly parkers for all decals which are lost or damaged and are replaced by the Police Department.

Payment: The monthly parking fee shall be paid by the first day of each month for monthly parking in off-street municipal parking lots and parking garages. The City Manager is authorized to promulgate such rules and regulations as may be reasonable and necessary for the efficient operation of the municipal monthly parking system.

To order your parking space, please contact Myrna Sosa, Hackensack Police Department, Traffic Division: msosa@hackensackpd.org, 201-646-7737.