10/27/2015 - Invitation to join Cultural Arts Board

The City is establishing an Cultural Arts Board that will keep the City Council informed of developments regarding artistic and cultural opportunities in Hackensack. The Board will advise and make recommendations to the City Council. The ordinance appears below.

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§ 36B-1. Establishment; organization.

A. There shall be established in and for the City of Hackensack a Cultural Arts Department for the purpose of designing, coordinating and administrating cultural arts programs.
B. This Department shall be headed by a Director and assisted by a seven-member Cultural Arts Board.

§ 36B-2. Cultural Arts Director.
The City Manager, after certification from the Civil Service Commission, is authorized to appoint a Cultural Arts Director at an annual salary not to exceed that which is established in the City of Hackensack Salary Ordinance.

§ 36B-3. Duties of Director.
Under the supervision of the City Manager, the Director of the Cultural Arts Department shall perform the following duties:
A. Administer all programs recommended by the Cultural Arts Board and approved by the City Manager consistent with the policies of the Mayor and Council.
B. Supervise and train the staff of the Cultural Arts Department.
C. Develop a comprehensive program to meet local cultural needs, utilizing existing resources of the Community and present this program to the Cultural Arts Board for review and comment.
D. Attend all meetings of the Cultural Arts Board.
E. Prepare a budget for review by the Cultural Arts Board and the City Manager to be presented to the City Council.
F. Submit on a monthly basis a financial statement to the Cultural Arts Board and the City Manager of all income and expenditures for the preceding month.
G. Maintain suitable and comprehensive reports for a monthly presentation to the Cultural Arts Board and City Manager. Such report shall reflect program content, attendance and evaluation.
H. Maintain an inventory of all equipment and property assigned to the Cultural Arts Department by the City Manager of the City of Hackensack.
I. Develop reporting systems, which shall include financial and statistical data.
J. Maintain an alert for available grants and aid programs and prepare for submission proposals to obtain such programs.
K. Publicize, after obtaining the City Manager's approval of all notices, fliers and press releases, the various artistic and cultural activities through a planned year-round public relations program and utilize all appropriate communications to inform the residents of the facilities and services of the Cultural Arts Department.
L. Establish a close liaison with other interested agencies and organizations involved in artistic and cultural activities.

§ 36B-4. Cultural Arts Board.

The Cultural Arts Board shall consist of seven members, at least four of whom shall be citizens and residents of the City of Hackensack. One member shall be a board member of the Main Street Business Alliance established pursuant Chapter 147-3 of the Code of the City of Hackensack. The members of the Board shall be appointed by the Mayor of the City, with the advice and consent of the City Council.

§ 36B-5. Term and compensation of Board members.
The Cultural Arts Board members first appointed shall be appointed for the following terms: one member for five years who must be a Hackensack resident, one member for four years, two members for three years who must be Hackensack residents, two members for two years and one member for one year who must be a Hackensack resident. Following the initial appointments, all appointments shall be for terms of five years, and a vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term only. Members shall serve until their respective successors are appointed and shall qualify. The members shall receive no compensation for their service. The term of office of each appointee shall commence on the first day of January and shall expire on the 31st day of December of the appropriate year.

§ 36B-6. Organization and duties of Board.
A. The Board shall annually organize and elect such officers and adopt such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary for the faithful discharge of its responsibility to the Cultural Arts Department.
B. The Board shall report to the Cultural Arts Director and shall perform the following duties:
(1) Conduct regular meetings once a month and report to the City Manager the names of inactive members to be replaced by the Mayor and Council.
(2) Review and comment on the objectives and goals of the Cultural Arts Department.
(3) Review and comment on the cultural program submitted by the Cultural Arts Director.
(4) Review and comment on the annual budget proposal prepared by the Cultural Arts Director.
(5) Entertain public proposals and suggestions and articulate same to the Cultural Arts Director.

§ 36B-7. Rules and regulations.
All participants in Cultural Arts Department programs and activities shall comply with the rules and regulations embodied in the Code of the City of Hackensack.
Editor's Note: For specific rules and regulations for parks and public areas in the city, see Ch. 117, Parks.
Subject to review of the City Manager and the approval of the Mayor and Council, the Cultural Arts Director may impose additional rules and regulations as safety and administrative needs require.

§ 36B-8. Appointment of employees.
The City Manager, after certification from the Civil Service Commission and consultation with the Cultural Arts Director, is authorized to appoint employees as the City Manager shall deem necessary to carry out the functions of the Cultural Arts Department.

§ 36B-9. Appropriation of funds.
The City Council shall annually fix, determine and allocate moneys for the care, custody, policing and maintenance of public cultural areas and for the expenses of the Cultural Arts Department, which sum shall be raised by taxation in the same manner as other taxes.

§36B-10. Moneys to become part of general fund.
All moneys received by the Cultural Arts Department shall be paid over to the City Treasurer and shall become part of the general funds of the City of Hackensack.

§ 36B-11. Honorary Board Members.
The Mayor and Council may appoint honorary board members to the Cultural Arts Board in its sole discretion.