7/26/2005 - Late Tax Bills

Attention: City of Hackensack Property Tax Payers

In preparation of the City's annual budget to the State of New Jersey, The City of Hackensack applied for assistance known as "Extraordinary Aid". The State denied the City's request citing the City's sound financial status. Consequently, the City had to amend the budget, which the Mayor and Council will likely approve at the August 1st City Council meeting. As a result, the tax collector does not expect to have a tax rate until at least August 5th. It will take another week or so prove the levy and print the tax bills. Therefore, most taxpayers will not have their bills until the second week of August.

As in prior years, the due date will be moved back from August 1st. In the State of New Jersey, if tax bills are not mailed by July 15, State statute requires municipalities to allow 25 days from the postmark on the bill envelope for payment of taxes without an interest charge. No additional grace periods are permitted. That last date for payment will be noted on the tax bill in the message portion of the tax bill.

If Hackensack residents are going on vacation and are worried about missing the new due date, the tax collector is asking them to pay the same amount as they paid in May and the collector's office will bill for the difference. The tax collector reminds taxpayers that the City is not permitted to accept postmarked payments received after the permitted due date. Tax payers who pay after the due date will be assessed interest.