2/25/2014 - Council Statements on Hackensack Police Department’s Drug Sweep


Kathleen Canestrino, Deputy Mayor 
February 25, 2014 

Statement from Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino On the Hackensack Police Department’s Drug sweep

As deputy mayor I am very pleased to see the proactive stance our city’s police department has taken to help remove drug dealers from our streets.

We need to drive home the message that drugs will not be tolerated in Hackensack. If you sell drugs to our children and our other residents you will be arrested; you will go to jail.

A drug raid of this magnitude obviously entails a lot of work by the police department and months of strategic planning and coordination with other police agencies, who I also want to thank for their hard work.

I want to congratulate Police Director Mike Mordaga, the department’s commanders and the police officers for their dedication, hard work and courage for planning and carrying out an operation of this magnitude to protect our citizens and rid the scourge of drugs from our streets. 


Councilman David Sims

February 25, 2014 


Hackensack NJ) Councilman David Sims who serves as the city’s police commissioner applauded the police department’s drug sweep this week that took down 160 drug dealers.

Sims said the arrests “should serve as a warning to anyone who is thinking of selling drugs on our streets or in our parks that our police are watching and you will go to jail if you are caught selling drugs in Hackensack.”

Sims said the drug sweep comes at an opportune time, with warm weather on the horizon and more people on the streets and in the parks.

“This very aggressive and far reaching drug sweep should give some peace of mind to the city’s children and parents. They can walk our neighborhoods and play in our parks with a higher level of comfort knowing that many drug dealers have been taken off the streets and that undercover police officers are protecting them against the reckless people who deal in illegal drugs,” said Sims.

The councilman said the work of the police department’s officers who worked for seven months infiltrating a drug distribution chain “was a great piece of police work that showed the capabilities of the department.”

“I want to thank the men and women of the city’s police department and the law enforcement personnel from the other police agencies who helped rid our streets of people who have no respect for human life and don’t care how many lives they ruin,” said Sims.