7/16/2013 - Cooling Centers Open

Cooling Centers Open

As a reminder the following locations may be used as Emergency Cooling Centers within the City Hackensack:

1. Prospect Heights Nursing Home
336 Prospect Avenue
Drop In Center

2. Wellington Hall Nursing Home
301 Union Street
Drop In Center

3. Regent Care Nursing Home
50 Polifly Road
Drop In Center

4. Hackensack Civic Center
225 State State, Behind City Hall
Call Fire/Police Department

5. M&M Recreation Center
116 Holt Street

City residents should be reminded that local malls may provide relief from the sun and extreme heat. Additionally, city public buildings can be used as drop in centers for short term relief. Residents should drink plenty of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Further information may be obtained by calling the
Hackensack Office of Emergency Management at 201-518-9100 during normal business hours.
After hours call the Hackensack Fire Dept. at 201-646-7800.

John, Niland, OEM Coordinator