7/8/2011 - Cooling Centers/Heat & Sun Related Illnesses

Cooling Centers

The City of Hackensack has the following cooling centers for residents and visitors to stop by if necessary. They are located:

· M & M Recreation Center, 116 Holt Street

· Prospect Heights Nursing Home, 336 Prospect Avenue

· Wellington Hall Nursing Home, 301 Union Street

· Regent Care Nursing Home, 50 Polifly Road

Should we experience a major power outage the City of Hackensack’s, Civic Center located at the rear of 215 State Street shall be opened.

Additionally, the County OEM has made available the Multi Purpose Room located at the County Administrative Building, One Bergen County Plaza (201-336-7300). If residents need any further information please call the Health & Safety information line 201-225-7000.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to utilize municipal libraries, shopping malls, and other places of public venue to seek refuge from the heat.

Information from the Health Department:

Heat & Sun Related Illnesses