5/9/2011 - RFP: Shade Tree Plantings

The City of Hackensack Shade Tree Advisory Committee is requesting a proposal for the following:

Successful bidder must supply and plant 20 (twenty), trees on city streets this year. These trees must have a trunk of 2 ¾ inches or greater diameter just above the ball root. These trees must be planted in a neat professional manner with generous amounts of soil amendments – peat moss and starter mix. Please be aware that most trees are to be planted between the sidewalk and the curb, this is normally poor soil, not retaining moisture. The top of the root ball must meet the old soil level and all excess soil must be removed by the successful bidder. The soil surrounding the planted tree must be level with the surrounding grade level. Six inches of mulch must cover the fresh soil excavation around the new tree trunk. Eliminate any soil berm ring around the trunk A small retention ring to keep water next to the ball should be included.

Planting should be late September or early November. The City of Hackensack has been successful using this method in the past years.

All trees must be in good condition and must be twelve feet (12 feet) in length or greater, as measured from the top of the root ball.

Vendor is responsible to call for utility mark-outs as necessary. Please call “Call Before you Dig” for everyone’s safety.

The Shade Tree committee will measure the depth of the mulch to make sure that all requirements have been met.

The following trees are to be supplied and planted:

Patmore Ash: qty 3
Autumn Flame Maple: qty 3
American Redbud: qty 5
Red Maple: qty 3
Ornamental Plum: qty 3
Green Locust: qty 3

Call 201-646-3930, Denise M. Stellakis, if these are not available or if you should have any questions regarding this proposal.

All proposals must be received by Thursday, June 9th, 2011 at 10:00am.


City of Hackensack
ATTENTION: Denise M. Stellakis
201-646-3933 fax

PRIOR TO Thursday, June 9th, 2011 at 10:00am


NAME OF COMPANY ____________________________________________________

3 Patmore Ash $_______________________ Total Cost

5 American Redbud $_______________________ Total Cost

3 Ornamental Plum $_______________________Total Cost

3 Autumn Flame Maple $_______________________ Total Cost.

3 Red Maple $ _______________________ Total Cost

3 Green Locust $ _______________________ Total Cost

TOTAL COST (Including planting) $___________________________________


Denise M. Stellakis QPA, RPPO
Director of Purchasing