5/20/2005 - Permit now required for fence, driveway, shed, patio & retaining wall

From the Office of Joseph Mellone

Land Use Administrator for the City of Hackensack



I would like to notify all property owners in the City of Hackensack that effective January 1, 2005 a Zoning permit is required if you wish to install or replace a fence, driveway, shed, patio or retaining wall. Owners contemplating this type of work should visit the Building Department on the 3rd floor of City Hall located at 65 Central Avenue. Property owners MUST bring with them a copy of a current survey. The survey must indicate the location size and height of the proposed work. A copy of the “Zoning Permit Application” form is available on line at Hackensack.org.


The minimum permit fee is $45.00. Final inspections are required to ensure the work was performed as outlined in City Ordinances.


Residents in need of further information should contact Marcella Sbarbaro at (201) 646-3919.