4/8/2010 - US Census: Responses Required!

Dear Residents:

Many Hackensack Residents have not mailed back their Census forms.

The U.S. Census is doing one last push to increase mail response rates in the community. It costs taxpayers $0.42 to mail back their form, it costs approx. $57 per household if census enumerators come to their doors. By every 1% of the population that returns their form by mail we are saving $85 million dollars.

"March to the Mailbox" is a nationwide campaign that will be held this week. We want everyone in the community to participate. As of right now we will be having events on Friday and Saturday with the YMCA, Senior Centers, and on Main Street.

Forms must be returned by April 14th.  After that, Census workers will start knocking on doors. 

Please respond!