9/9/2008 - Request for Proposal of Architectural Services


The City of Hackensack is seeking to Renovate 89-91 Anderson Street (a.k.a. 410 East Railroad Avenue) into office space and is requesting a Request for Proposal from an Architect licensed in the State of New Jersey to assist in completing this project.

The individual must be a licensed Architect, licensed in the State of New Jersey

The Architect must supply to the City of Hackensack, a complete set of specifications for the entire project, including, masonry, carpentry, roofing, doors, windows, interior finishes, heating air conditioning, fire protection and all electrical.

The Architect must attend all meetings that are asked of him/her.

A complete set of preparation of plans (specifications) for the construction of the proposed new office space for the building department (approximately 3200 square feet of interior office renovation) must be provided.

Plans and specifications must be provided for all those potential bidders.

The Architect must oversee during all phases of construction throughout the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

The Architect must review and approve or disapprove all change orders.

The Architect must certify payment vouchers prior to release of payment.

The Architect must be available at the Pre-Construction meeting and also at the Bid Opening and any another meetings that her/she is asked to attend.

The Architect must review all drawings and plans to verify that all work is in accordance with all State of New Jersey regulations.

The total cost for the above mention services will be $ ________________________

NAME _______________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER ________________

FAX NUMBER _______________________

LICENSE NUMBER __________________

Proposals can be submitted by email to rcarnevale@hackenack.org or back mailing to:

Raymond N. Carnevale
Directing of Purchasing
65 Central Avenue
Hackensack, NJ 07601

This MS Word form can be used.

Proposals must be submitted by September 25, 2008

To schedule a visit of the premises, please contact Mr. Joseph Mellone, 201-646-3914. Please direct any additional questions to Mr. Mellone.