4/1/2008 - City seeks public comment on proposed Coca-Cola Ferris wheel.

City seeks public comment on proposed Coca-Cola Ferris wheel

Not to be out-done by rival Pepsi-Co., Coca-Cola has submitted plans for the construction of an enormous Ferris wheel in downtown Hackensack just behind the Ice House skating center near Foschini Park. Pepsi is in the final stages of the approval process for its proposed Ferris wheel at Xanadu, a new shopping and entertainment complex under construction at the Meadowlands. For more about the Pepsi Ferris wheel, click here. Coca-Cola's proposed Ferris wheel would stand 290 feet, 3 feet taller than the Pepsi Ferris wheel.

Artistic rendering of proposed Coca-Cola Ferris wheel.
Hackensack Ice House/NYC Photo courtesy
Bob Leafe

The public is invited to submit comments with respect to the proposed plan.

Please click here for more information and to submit comments.

All comments are due by May 1, 2008.