6/25/2007 - Request for Proposal: Purchase of Property


Section 1: Introduction

On April 16, 2007, the City of Hackensack, a municipal corporation, obtained ownership of certain property via final judgment of foreclosure on Block 508, Lot 1. The City Attorney has been directed to publish an RFP for the sale of the subject property. One of the objectives of this plan is to solicit interested purchasers of the subject property to utilize same within the existing permitted uses.

Section 2: Property Description

The subject property, formerly assessed to Odyssey Body Works Inc., is located within the City of Hackensack and encompasses one tax lot, located at 169 Linden Street, between Ross Avenue and Poplar Avenue. The parcel is approximately less than one half acre in size and is identified as follows: Block 508, Lot 1

Section 3: Proposal Submitted Requirements

Proposals shall be prepared on standard 8 ½” x 11” letter size paper and bound on the long side, with material printed on one side only. Additionally, architectural conceptual drawings illustrating the developer’s proposal for the area, if any, shall be submitted as part of the RFP. A total of ten (10) original Proposals are required to be submitted. All material submitted to the City of Hackensack in response to this RFP will become the property of the City of Hackensack and no material submitted will be returned to the bidder at any time.

The respondents are advised that the City of Hackensack’s ability to conduct a timely evaluation of responses is dependent upon the respondents’ ability and willingness to submit concise, ordered, and readable proposals.

The cost of evaluating the bidder’s response to this RFP shall not be included in the cost for the purchase and will not be reimbursed by the City of Hackensack.

1. Executive Summary

This section should include a brief statement of your understanding of the Property. Additionally, describe how your proposed team will provide the most cost-effective product within the proposed schedule.

2. Financial Capacity to Purchase

Each applicant must describe its financial capacity to cover all costs associated with the acquisition of the subject property. Proposals must include likelihood of available financing and the ability to utilize said property in conformity with the existing permitted uses.

Section 4:  Selection Process and Criteria

It is the intention of the City of Hackensack to solicit Proposals for this sale from all qualified purchasers. The selection of the successful purchaser will be strongly based upon the following criteria, which is presented below without priority:

A. The proposal of the intended use of the property.
B. The financial ability of the purchaser.
C. The amount of the bid.

Section 5: Date of Submittal, Distribution and Interviews

1. Date of Submittal

Please submit your response to this Request for Proposals not later than 5:00 PM on September 1, 2007. Your Proposal should be limited in size to 8 ½” x 11” format and standard 36” x 36” architectural paper.

2. Distribution

10 (ten) copies of the Proposal must be delivered not later than the date and time indicated above to:

Steven LoIacono
65 Central Avenue
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601    AND

Joseph C. Zisa, Jr., Esq.
Attorney to City of Hackensack
c/o Zisa, Hitscherich & Argo
77 Hudson Street
Hackensack, New Jersey 07601
(201) 342-1103

Failure to comply shall result in the RFP being rejected without review.

3. Interviews

Interviews with the bidders will be scheduled. The exact time of the interviews will be based on the availability of the bidders key personnel and will be coordinated through the City of Hackensack Attorney Joseph C. Zisa, Jr., Esq. The interviews will take place at the City Hall or any other mutually convenient location.

4. Questions/Information

All questions must be in writing directed to Joseph C. Zisa, Jr., Esq., City of Hackensack Attorney at the address listed above. Responses to the questions will be made in writing and will be distributed to each of the respective bidders.