4/1/2007 - Hackensack Council considers “Bubbled-City”

Hackensack Council considers “Bubbled-City”.

Complaints about airplane noise, traffic congestion and inclement weather have prompted city officials to consider the “bubbled-city” concept. Several plans are currently under review.

Often depicted in bad, 1950’s science fiction stories, the bubble has made a come-back. Dubai, Saudi Arabia is about to build the world's first "floating bubble". Click here for the story. Newly-engineered carbon-polymers make the concept feasible from an engineering stand-point and the city’s engineering firm has certified a plan that allows for a 2.2 mile span in all directions from the bubble’s center.  

The favored plan is essentially a plastic bubble supported by a clear-geodesic, fiber matrix stretching from Rt 4 south to Interstate 80. All bridges and tunnels would either be re-routed around the city or tunneled underneath. Carbon emissions would be discharged periodically through an elaborate venting system.

“We’ll be the envy of the northeast”, said Councilman Charles McAuliffe. “When everyone else is knee-deep in snow, we’ll be kick’n back on our lawn chairs soaking up the rays. This is one of the best ideas that we’ve seen in a long time.”

   Architectural rendering of Hackensack’s proposed “Bubbled-City”

The project would cost a whopping $45 billion, costlier than any local government project in history except for Boston’s “Big Dig”, which is still underway. When asked who will foot the bill, the City’s CFO suggested a 400 year bond issuance that would increase the average annual tax bill by $75,000.

Is this too high a price? Councilman Michael Melfi responds: “Think about it: bubbled city! Perfect weather! No airplane noise!, Tourism! This is a no-brainer. We should have done this years ago.”

Mayor Karen Sasso commended City Planners and Engineers for developing this innovative response to chronic city problems. “The $184 million spent on planning this is indeed a small price to pay for this forward looking project” concluded the mayor.

Public hearings are set for April 31, 2007 and June 31, 2007.