12/12/2006 - Hackensack Fire Briefs & News (updated 1/10/07)


On Wednesday, January 3, 2007, 1910 hours, the Hackensack Fire Desk received a phone alarm reporting a fire in 311 Berry Street.

On arrival the members of the Third Platoon found smoke showing from the one story ranch dwelling. The firefighters quickly stretched 2 – 1 ¾ inch fire attack hose lines to confine and extinguish a bedroom fire; simultaneously members of Ladder Company 1 and Rescue Company 1 began to search for possible victims and began to ventilate the dwelling. The fire was confined to the bedroom; however it sustained heavy fire damage with smoke damage to the rest of the dwelling. The occupants had self evacuated the building. The dwelling was untenable and the occupants were re-located with family members.

There were no injuries and the cause was accidental.


On Sunday, December 24, 2006, Christmas Eve, at 8:01 PM the Hackensack Fire Department received phone alarms reporting activated fire alarms and smoke in the building, 265 Beech Street. The building is a four (4) story multiple dwelling.

On arrival the members of the First Platoon received reports of ten (10) people trapped on the third floor. As the firefighters began to stretch the fire attack hose lines through the building to the third and fourth floors, other firefighters quickly ascended the stairs to the third floor and found heavy smoke in the hallway.

The firefighters proceeded to an adjacent apartment and found six (6) occupants in need of removal due to the heavy smoke conditions.

The members stretching the attack lines entered the fire apartment crawling down a long hallway under heavy smoke and heat found the fire and extinguished it. As these members were controlling the fire, other firefighters quickly searched the apartments around and above the fire apartment, and other firefighters were busy ventilating the building permitting the heat, smoke and gases to escape.

The fire caused heavy fire, smoke and heat damage to the fire apartment, adjacent apartments sustained smoke damage. Three apartments were red-tagged by City Building Department. These occupants were relocated by family. A fourth apartment’s occupants were relocated by Red Cross for the night.

Extensive salvage work was performed by firefighters to preserve the Christmas Holiday for all the other occupants of the building who were permitted to reenter their apartments.

Fire Chief Thornton stated the firefighters did a good job containing the fire, removing the occupants in need, and salvage work which protected personal articles; particularly those for the Christmas Holiday.


On Thursday, November 23, 2006, at 0105 hours, the Hackensack Fire Department received a telephone alarm reporting smoke on the second and third floors of

70 Polifly Road. On arrival the members of the First Platoon found moderate smoke emanating from the second floor of the three (3) story apartment complex. The members quickly stretched two 1 ¾ attack lines to the second and third floors.

The firefighters forced entry into the second floor apartment and found heavy smoke in the apartment with fire in the walls and ceiling; they quickly opened up the walls and ceiling areas and extinguished the fire.

The firefighters on the third floor found moderate smoke and forced entry into the apartment above the fire apartment and found fire vertically extending into that apartment which was quickly extinguished. Simultaneously, the apartments were searched for victims, none were found. Tenants in adjacent apartments were relocated into the lobby during the fire and returned to their apartments, following appropriate ventilation and air monitoring.

Three apartments were red tagged by the City Building Department as untenable. The occupants were relocated by the building owner.

There were no injuries and the cause determined to be accidental.

On behalf of the members of the Hackensack Fire Department we wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Holiday Season. God Bless our Troops.

Joel Thornton
Fire Chief

     The Hackensack Fire Department is flying an additional flag on Fire Headquarters these days. The new flag is a Service Star Flag, appropriately colored red, white and blue. The flag is flown in support of Firefighter Timothy Jordan who is presently serving in Afghanistan. The photo show F/F Clay Borchard dressing the flag.