5/1/2006 - Hackensack Wrestling: Megan Gowe

Hackensack Wrestling: Megan Gowe

Wrestling is a sport that tests your sense of heart. To wrestle, you have to be strong, motivated and confident in yourself. It's not all that easy, but for some guys, it's their life. If you've ever seen a match, you know what I mean by the sport testing your sense of heart.

The sayings “boys can't play with girls" or "boys are stronger than girls", don't come to mind when you think of my sister, Megan Gowe. Megan is the only female junior wrestler Hackensack has ever had. When Megan started wrestling she was only 6 years old. She wrestled for 3 years, took another two years off, and is now back, better then ever.

You would never know that Megan was Hackensack's first and only girl, because she isn't treated any different then any of the boys. She practices just as hard and with the same amount of drive as anyone else. From the beginning, Megan has had the respect of her coaches and her team mates. That isn't true of everyone. There have been many matches where a boy would not come to the mat to face Megan. Those are the times that made Megan stronger and more determined.

In her 4 years of wrestling, Megan has placed twice in the District Tournament and for the first time Megan took third place in the Girls Wrestling States on March 18th in Columbus, NJ.

I am very proud of my sister and I support her. Her determination and drive are things that we all should have. My sister, Megan Gowe is her own champion.

By Samantha Gowe