11/9/2021 - 100th Anniversary of the "Naming of the City of Hackensack"

The "City of Hackensack" celebrates its 100th year with that name having changed it from the "Township of New Barbadoes" by referendum held on November 8, 1921 by a vote of 1579 for and 541 against. The name was formally changed by the State Legislature on Nov 21, 1921.

To "mark" the anniversary, the City has ordered commemorative pens which will be available at City Hall by the end of the month. Pens will be available for a limited time while supplies last.

"This city has withstood the test of time not only in name, but in reputation as a destination for commerce, industry, innovation and culture," said Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino. "We are proud to be here in this moment to recognize this important milestone and we are grateful to be part of this city's continued progress."