7/2/2021 - FAA Clears New Teterboro Airport Flight Pattern for July 1

Hackensack's Long Fight for Public Safety & Quality of Life Finally Over


Officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed City of Hackensack officials that the new flight pattern to Teterboro airport is to begin on Thursday, July 1 at 5 AM. The long-awaited change in the flight pattern comes after nearly a decade of advocacy from the City Council, the Teterboro Airport Noise Abatement Advisory Committee (TANAAC), and affected Hackensack residents.

Deputy Mayor Kathy Canestrino, who has been the driving force in negotiations between the City and the FAA, said, "City residents, including myself, have dealt with the effects of the noise pollution from airplanes flying into Teterboro for far too long. We are ecstatic to see this day finally come, and we are proud to have never given up on this as a Council."  

The new flight pattern will direct Teterboro Airport flight traffic over Route 17 rather than over Prospect Avenue and other residential areas in Hackensack. In May, City officials announced that the FAA informed them they would begin a 45-day training period for their air traffic controllers in the area. More information about the flight plan and other pertinent info are available on the city website at http://www.hackensack.org/Teterboro.