6/4/2020 - Hackensack Police Department Statement on the death of George Floyd

To our residents, business owners, houses of worship and community as a whole, the Hackensack Police Department shares your pain and emotion as a result of the inexcusable death of George Floyd at the hands of those sworn to protect him in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


We in no way condone the heinous actions and inaction depicted in the video and we look forward to seeing justice served via due process, as is the right of all people, and something Mr. Floyd was deprived of. We watched with the rest of the world, and we stand with the people, regardless of race, sex, culture and religion, in stating that those actions have no place in a civilized society. Those former officers failed all of us!


Our Police Department is comprised of 108 sworn men and women of many cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We are honored to serve all of the people in our diverse community and continue to build our department in a way that makes us as diverse as those we serve. Our relationship with our community is based on trust, open lines of communication, interaction and, of course, cooperation. We understand that trust has been eroded between the police and the community as a result of recent events; however, we need your partnership and cooperation now more than ever.

 Under the current leadership, this department will continue to demonstrate professionalism and compassion to the community as well as hold our officers to the same high standards we display on a daily basis. We operate with the knowledge that officers serve the community best when we work together towards a common goal. We will continue to earn your trust and keep our community safe. If we remain together, we will rise above what has been, and is, occurring in our towns, cities and around the entire country.


Hackensack Police Department