4/28/2020 - Recycling is Simple

The City of Hackensack is continually striving to increase our recycling percentage rate.

This can be accomplished by correctly separating recycling material from solid waste (trash). This will help to lower the cost of solid waste disposal for the City.

Recycling is simple

Commingle mix includes: glass, aluminum, plastic. Items are to be placed in a container loose.

 Paper all types

Cardboard must be bundled and tied

Plastic bags (supermarket) are not to be placed in the commingle mix. These bags are detrimental to the equipment used at the recycling facilities to sort the commingle mix.  Please place these bags in the trash.

 Please help to keep The City of Hackensack beautiful!

 Visit our website www.Hackensack.org for more information

 Thank you for your cooperation.