11/7/2019 - Mount Olive Baptist Church Pastor Honored by Hackensack City Council for his 35 Years of Service

Mount Olive Baptist Church Pastor, Gregory Jackson was honored during the Oct. 29 Hackensack Council meeting for his 35 years of service at the Central Avenue Church. The church provides services that fuse contemporary worship and exposing African-American and Christian protestant heritage. 

“Pastor Jackson has brought his great spirit and a sense of community to Hackensack.” said Mayor John Labrosse. “Our kids went to Hackensack public schools together, which was how I got to know the man, and see the warmth with which he treated everyone in this community. Anyone, of any religious denomination, who has been to one of his sermons, has felt welcomed. We will all miss him dearly and know it will be difficult to fill his place. We hope he enjoys his well earned retirement with missionary work and with his family.” 

Jackson plans on spending his retirement with his children and grandchildren and attend missionary work around the world. He will be retiring at the end of 2019. 

“The community will deeply miss Pastor Jackson and we will all notice his absence after being a large presence for over 35 years,” said Deputy Mayor David Sims. “On a personal level, I would not have run for Council without his blessing. We are all grateful to have him through the end of 2019 and are happy that he will be able to enjoy his retirement with his family and friends.”