12/2/2005 - River Street Trestle & Pump

River Street Trestle & Pump

The Bergen County freeholders will likely approve a $1.5 million measure next week to build a pump station at the River Street Trestle.

Hackensack designed the station, which will be built in the parking lot of the county Probation Department. The City also will operate and maintain it.

The pumping station will collect water beneath the trestle and pump it into the Hackensack River. This will eliminate most of the flooding under the trestle but heavy rains may still cause minor, short-term flooding.

The project was re-bid when the initial bids came in much higher than expected. "We saved in excess of $400,000 in technical charges," said Stephen Lo Iacono, Hackensack’s City Manager. On the second round, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, a Hackensack company, came in with the lowest bid.

The City expects to formally award the bid before Christmas. The project is slated to begin in early 2006. Much of the work will be installing a water main and other pipes from the pumping station to the river.