8/27/2019 - Hackensack’s 19th Police Youth Academy Graduates 65 Cadets

Hackensack’s 19th Police Youth Academy Graduates 65 Cadets


The Hackensack Police Department held a graduation ceremony for its 65 Youth Academy Cadets on Friday at Nellie K. Parker School. The ceremony will celebrate the culmination of the five day program. Present were Hackensack Police leadership, Mayor Labrosse and members of the Council, and family of the graduating cadets.


“I would like to congratulate the cadets that participated in Hackensacks hugely successful Youth Academy,” said Mayor John Labrosse. “For 19 years, the academy has been graduating cadets and bringing together the community and our officers. I look forward to continuing to witness the growth and success of the Youth Academy in years to come.” 


“I am proud of our young men and women who utilized this program as an opportunity to do something meaningful with their summer time, and learn about how Police work to keep us safe. This week our cadets participated in a crash course simulating the basic training course that police cadets go through to become police officers,” said Deputy Mayor David Sims


The Hackensack Youth Academy is a one-week program held annually during spring break for rising 8th-12th graders. Started in 2001, the Academy has graduated an average of 85 cadets per year. The purpose of the program is to give every recruit an idea of the training that is required to be a Police Officer while also providing an opportunity for the youth and officers to bond.


 In addition to this program, the department's community policing program began last Tuesday, which will involve working directly with the Juvenile Bureau under the command of Lieutenant Tina Cappadonna and Sergeants Mark Del Carpio and Dana Koenig.

  For more information about youth programs, residents are encouraged to contact the Youth Bureau at 201-646-7732. 


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