8/16/2019 - Hackensack Fire Department Received Brand New State-of-the-Art Heavy-Rescue Truck

The Hackensack Fire Department has purchased and received a brand new, heavy-rescue truck, capable of carrying fire-fighting equipment smaller vehicles cannot. The state of the art truck cost $575,000, and will allow the department’s existing, older truck to be used as a supplementary vehicle. 

The existing 2005 truck was gifted to the Fire Department through the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Program in 2006.

"Our Firefighters, under the leadership of Chief Freeman, engage in rigorous training exercises to make sure they are prepared for any and all situations which may arise in the line of duty,” said Mayor John Labrosse. “They consistently go above and beyond to protect Hackensack residents, and this new heavy-rescue truck ensures they are armed with the best resources to help them do their jobs."

"I am overwhelmed by the good this new heavy-rescue truck will do for the City of Hackensack,” said Deputy Mayor David Sims. “I am proud to be able to provide better safety to all Hackensack residents. This truck, combined with a new pumper truck purchased last year, demonstrate our commitment to top-notch safety.” 

Last year, the Hackensack Fire Department purchased a 2018 Pierce Arrow XT Engine, which replaced a 27-year-old pumper.

“Having state-of-the-art equipment that will save lives in the greater Hackensack-area will not only keep our residents safe but allow us to provide superior assistance to neighboring municipalities,” said Hackensack Fire Chief Thomas Freeman. “I would like to thank the Mayor and Council for their support purchasing this vehicle, and throughout the year.”

The newly purchased heavy-rescue truck will be unveiled at a special ceremony later this Summer.