5/4/2018 - 59yr Old Male Lures 18yr Old Boy Into Room


On 05/02/18, Thomas Allocca was involved in a luring & criminal sexual contact incident
stemming from his 2nd-floor bedroom. Thomas Allocca enticed an 18-year-old victim from the street & into his bedroom, by offering coaching guidance, citing that he's starting up a basketball team. 

After inappropriately touching the boy's inner thigh, the victim became immediately frightened, escaped from a nearby window that led to a porch roof and screamed for help. 

Thomas Allocca is known to frequent area parks & engage in basketball games with younger adult males. 

As a reminder to the public, be watchful of your surroundings and the enticing story's that strangers convey to you. If it seems odd than it probably is. Parents, anything relayed to you from your child concerning inappropriate behavior that elevates your parental suspicion, report the matter to your local police department & let us make the determination.