12/6/2004 - Hackensack Receives $250k for Riverfront Walkway

Hackensack Receives $250,000 for Riverfront Walkway

The NJ Department of Transportation awarded Hackensack a grant in the amount of $250,000 for the construction of a walkway/bikeway at Johnson Park. 

The grant is an additional component to the overall renovation of the park.  Earlier in the year, the City constructed a new volleyball field complete with artificial turf, bleachers, concession stand and picnic area.  The park’s jungle gym will also be replaced in the near future.  In addition, the City is hopeful that its application for funding for a boat launch will be granted as well.

City officials are optimistic that the riverfront walkway will eventually run the entire length of the Hackensack River, from Riverside Square to Route 80.  Other portions exist behind the City’s Department of Public Works, Costco and Shoprite.  The County also maintains a small portion of the walkway behind the Riverside Square Mall. 

City Manager, Peter Capone, is hopeful that the State will approve other grant applications.  The City has applied for several development grants that will contribute to the further revitalization of Main Street and Hudson Street.