3/13/2017 - Storm Update: Garbage Collection Changes, Closures, Cancellations and Parking Information

Updated Storm Information

The City will strictly enforce all snow removal ordinances. 

Snow Removal Ordinance

§ 148-31. Removal of snow and ice required; time limit.

All owners, tenants or occupants of lands abutting upon the sidewalks or public streets or public places in the city shall remove or cause to be removed from the sidewalks in front of or abutting said lands all snow and ice within six hours of daylight after the same shall have ceased to fall or form thereon.

§ 148-32. Deposit of snow or ice in roadway.

In case such owners, tenants or occupants shall remove the snow or ice from their property, sidewalks or driveways after the Public Works Department has plowed the roadway in front of said lands with a snowplow, then the snow removed from such property, sidewalks or driveways shall not be deposited by such owners, tenants or occupants upon any portion of the roadway from which snow and ice have been cleared as aforesaid.

§ 148-33. Removal of snow or ice by city; assessment of cost(s).

In case such owners, tenants or occupants shall refuse or neglect to remove such snow or ice from the sidewalks as provided in § 148-31 of this Article, the Superintendent of Public Works shall remove or cause to be removed such snow and ice, and any costs of such removal shall be certified to by the Superintendent of Public Works and submitted to the City Council; the amount so charged shall forthwith become a lien upon lands abutting such sidewalks and shall be added to and shall become part of the taxes next to be assessed and levied upon such lands and shall be collected and enforced according to law.

Due to the Blizzard Warning in effect for tomorrow (3/14), the City of Hackensack is CANCELLING GARBAGE & RECYCLING Pick Up for Tuesday and Wednesday (ROUTES 3 &4 AND 5 &6) . The City of Hackensack will pick up your REGULAR GARBAGE ONLY (NO RECYCLING) on Thursday, March 16th. Regular Garbage can be placed to the curb Wednesday Night for Thursday Collection.


March 16th - ROUTES 7 & 8 – Regular Garbage Collection ONLY! ** RECYCLING PICKUP IS CANCELLED **

No Parking When Roads are Snow Covered.