Shade Tree Advisory Committee

The goal of the City's Shade Tree Advisory Committee is to beautify the community by encouraging the planting of trees in Hackensack, especially curbside trees. Each year an area of the City is evaluated for a designated tree planting of a variety of 20 trees. 

A second Five Year Management Plan (2011-2015) was just approved by the State of New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry. This Plan is a key step in continuing the progress and sustainability of our Shade Tree Program. As we implement this plan, we ask for the community’s help in protecting our trees and communicating any concerns to the Shade Tree Committee through

Since the Committee's inception in 1989, it has worked to plant over 500 trees in Hackensack. As an honored Tree City USA participant for 21 years, Hackensack celebrates National Arbor Day each year. A listing of the past plantings is available by clicking here. (Requires Microsoft Word). 

The Committee also accepts donations and estate remembrances to honor loved ones. Please contact us at 201-646-3907 for more information. 

Committee members are appointed by the Mayor & Council for a three-year term. To see the City's Shade Tree Ordinance, click here. (Requires Microsoft Word). 

Current Committee members are: 
  • Lorelei Kaminsky, Chairperson 
  • Joan Sampedro 
  • Ojetta Townes 
  • Pedra Del Vechio 
  • Anthony Sedieta - DPW Liason

Listing files in 'Shade Tree Documents'

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