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Hackensack Fire Department

“Serving Our Community Since 1871”

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Seguridad contra el Fuego en Edificios

Dispatch: Emergency: Call 911

In the event of a Fire or Medical Emergency, Dial 911. Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are (APCO) Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Licensed Certified Call Takers.  

Fire Chief Thomas Freeman

Emergency : Call 911

Tel: 201-646-7800
Fax: 201-646-7594

Fire Department Dispatchers also answer 911 calls for several other local communities as well.  We were the recipient of a $285,895 grant thru the Fire Act in February 2005 and will be upgrading our computer dispatch and technology capabilities with these funds.

Fire Suppression: Emergency: Call 911

Hackensack Firefighters are highly trained and skilled in not only fire suppression and prevention, but also in Heavy Rescue, Motor Vehicle Accident Extrication and many other areas. We were the recipient of a $217,800 Grant thru the Fire Act  Program in 2003. Each engine was equipped with specialized tools, including extrication tools and Squad equipment. Some of the more common responses are Gas Leaks, Water Leaks, House Lockouts, and Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector activations.   You may also see us if you call for an ambulance.  We respond along with an ambulance on life-threatening medical emergencies.  Every Fire apparatus in Hackensack is equipped with medical equipment, and each carries a defibrillator as well. 

Special Operations: Emergency: Call 911

The Fire Service is always evolving and World events play a major role in that evolution.  Years ago all firemen had to worry about was putting out fires and the occasional cat in the tree.  Those days are long gone.  Today’s firemen now respond to a myriad of events.  The Hackensack Fire Department continually trains to meet these challenges.   We have been fortunate to receive grants for equipment and training, and now have several Special Operations Teams.  We also have been the recipient of generosity of several businesses the community and they have donated vehicles to transport out members and equipment to emergency scenes.  Our operational capabilities have been greatly enhanced in the last 3-4 years in all areas.  We have a Hazardous Materials Response team, a Structural Collapse Rescue Team, a Trench Rescue Team, A Confined Space Rescue Team and a High Angle Rope Rescue Team.  Hackensack was also chosen as one of 10 municipalities in Northern New Jersey to be given a Homeland Security Grant for training and equipment thru the Urban Area Security Initiative.  Numerous members of our department have been partaking in a comprehensive ongoing training program in these areas in conjunction with the New Jersey Urban Search and Rescue Task Force(NJTF-1), and this training was well used during the recent plane crash in Teterboro.  The Hackensack Fire Department is the only department in Bergen County to have received this grant, and will respond to any incident we are called for, regardless of geographic boundaries. 

Marine Division: Emergency: Call 911

The Hackensack Fire Department also responds to water emergencies, both on the river and off! We have three boats and the department has members that are trained in both ice and cold water rescue.  The boats do get called out quite often, but not for river rescue as you might think.  The majority of times the boats are in the water is on city streets! Several areas of the city are prone to brief flooding during a heavy rain.  So, when you see large puddles on the streets, don’t drive thru them. They’re probably deeper than you think, and you very well could be seeing the boats up close and personal!

Rescue: Emergency: Call 911

The Rescue Company provides fire-fighting support to Line Firefighters whenever necessary, however, one of their primary functions are directed towards “First Responder” and Heavy Rescue such as “MVA” (Motor Vehicle Accidents), extrications, and stabilizing victims, including confined space rescues.

Fire Prevention: Call 201-646-7685

The Bureau of Fire Prevention headed by Lt. Chris Annunziata. Firefighter Charlie Eyer is the Fire Sub-Code Official.  The Bureau is staffed with four licensed Fire Inspectors and provide Certificate of Occupancy inspections, Licensing inspections, and various Fire Safety consults from Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.

Information Management: Call 201-646-8045

Information management maintains the Fire Department Records Management System.  These records include the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), Statistical Data, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Reporting.  They also respond to insurance and billing inquiries





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