City Clerk

The City Clerk,  as Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, signs official documents and checks, has custody of the City Seal and attests the signature of the Mayor.

As Secretary to the Governing Body, the City Clerk attends all Council Meetings; records minutes; prepares the “Docket” (Agenda) and resolutions; receives and opens bids for equipment and supplies; administers and records Oaths of Office; processes correspondence and records; files and advertises ordinances and acts as a liaison between the public and the governing body.

As Election Official, the City Clerk registers voters and is responsible for running the School, Municipal (May), Primary and General Elections, including furnishing election material, determining the validity of petitions, tallying the votes and certifying election results.

The City Clerk also issues various licenses, i.e. Bingo, Raffle, Liquor, Going-out-of-Business, Auction, etc.; furnishes data to the public, provides copies of Ordinances, Resolutions and other information requested by the public and personnel; reserves meeting rooms in certain municipal facilities.  

Listing files in 'City Clerk Documents'

All meetings are open to the public except Executive Sessions.
Check "Notices" at for any change in meeting dates/times.  
Meeting minutes and resolutions can be found here.  

Contact Information

Deborah Karlsson, R.M.C.

City Clerk

Phone: (201) 646-3940



Allison Saabye, R.M.C.

Deputy City Clerk

Phone: (201) 646-3941