In recognition of the Holiday Season, the Mayor and Council will be offering Free Parking on Main St. from December 10 – December 25. Happy Holiday’s


For more information about Parking in Hackensack, please contact Bill Daley, Parking Manager, at

NOTE: Parking Lot G, corner of Bridge and Moore Streets, will be permanently closed effective November 1, 2018. 

Monthly Parking Permit Application
 (Acrobat version)

Downtown Parking Map

Payments in Lieu of Parking Ordinance

Parking Available in the Atlantic Street Lot

Parking Policy:

Parking for Municipal Lots and Decks is on a first come first serve basis for monthly permit holders as well as transient parkers. Possession of a monthly permit allows parking in Municipal Lots but does not guarantee that a space will be available. The combination of monthly permit distribution, as well as transient parkers, is fundamentally required for efficient use of parking spaces. Municipal Lots can be oversold if it has been determined that the lot is being underutilized on a regular basis. All permit holders of that lot will be notified of any such change. Monthly parking permits shall be issued through the Police Department. Monthly parkers shall park in the designated off-street parking lot or garage.
Payment of monthly parking permits for Municipal Lots and Decks shall be made by the first day of each month. Late fees will apply with Ordinance 170-49E Late Fees.

Late Fees shall be assessed as follows:
Between 5-10 days: Late fee surcharge of 10%
Between 11-30 days: Late fee surcharge of 20%
Over 30 days: Parking privilege is revoked and the vehicle is summonsed or towed.

The City Manager is authorized to promulgate such rules and regulations as may be reasonable and necessary for efficient operation of the Municipal monthly parking system.